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Imagination : A place to escape the mundane.  I visit there often, it's full of colour, ocean sunsets and at night, the stars shine bright, I can almost touch them.

I think my creative links start with my father. He grew up sitting under a piano listening to classical music composed by his eccentric aunty and uncle with his mother singing opera. Another space he loved to spend time was the ocean, so he became a wetline fisherman to do what he loved and feed the family. I was born as his number one deckhand. Bobbing around, surrounded by blue divided by a horizon line, I found lots of nothing that was really something. I don't see blue, I see all the colours of a rainbow.

When we weren't fishing, I can vividly remember the day he taught me to draw a cube and a turtle. I was hooked so never stopped drawing. At 13, my eccentric rich great-uncle paid for me to do drawing lessons. 

I think I fell into becoming a textile designer because I wanted a way to make artwork practical and not just for the wall. In 2016, I started designing neoprene picnic blankets, bags and seat covers. Sewing is not my favourite thing but if you design textiles you need to make things, so I bought an industrial sewing machine. Mum was always at the sewing machine making our clothes so I guess I learnt basics from osmosis. They say you learn from mistakes well that is an understatement.


Just like I was encouraged to do what I love, I want others to do the same. 

By teaching, workshops, mentoring and collaborations have enabled me to assist many artists in establishing their art careers too. I have been a visual arts lecturer at Central Regional TAFE for 25 years.

Did I say I love clay. Since forever. Ok, maybe from 5 years old. Then 3 years ago I opened a gallery and ceramics studio. Predominantly working with coloured porcelain, my award-winning ceramics are constructed in bright maximalist narratives interpreting my pristine surroundings of Western Australia. A coastline of shipwrecks, fishing, farming and a gateway to seas of world-class wildflowers.

Surround yourself with the nice people who travel with you beyond your imagination.

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